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Olive oil "liquid gold", "Queen of vegetable oil", "the Mediterranean nectar"

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Food introduction
Olive oil in the Mediterranean countries have thousands of years of history, in the West was known as "liquid gold", "Queen of vegetable oil", "Mediterranean mannose", the reason is that its excellent natural health care effect, cosmetic effect and ideal for cooking purposes. For the consumption of high-grade olive oil is first ripe or mature olive fruit by physical cold pressing process of extraction of natural fruit juice, is the world's only natural state for human consumption in the oil woody plants.
Virgin olive oil, or natural olive oil, is directly from the fresh fruit of the olive to take mechanical cold pressing, after filtering and other processing to remove foreign bodies. Cold pressing method is olive fruit by physical and mechanical direct squeeze, and some family suitable for juice press principle of fruit squeezer, extracted by the method of olive oil, pure natural, nutrition has not been any damage.
According to the different levels of acidity can be divided into different levels, extra virgin olive oil (Virgin Extra): is the highest level, the highest quality of olive oil, is a pure natural products. It tastes good, elegant and pleasant fragrance of plants, the acidity of not more than 1%. No more than 0.8% of the extra virgin olive oil is the best quality olive oil. Directly from the olive fruit mature take pure physical and mechanical crushing method was the first to extract, after filtration treatment to remove the foreign body get the oil juice, processing process entirely without chemical treatment, without any preservatives and additives, the olive oil has unique flavor, in direct consumption or to make a salad with is suitable for.
Olive oil is rich in the single unsaturated fatty acids, namely oleic acid and linoleic acid, linoleic acid, as well as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K and antioxidants, etc.. Olive oil is considered to be the most suitable for human nutrition in the oil so far.
At present, olive oil producing countries, Spain's production accounted for one third of the world total, one-quarter of Italy, Greece, one of the five, other producers including Turkey, Syria, Portugal, France and Egypt. According to the statistics, the proportion of Greek premium primary olive oil accounted for 75% of the country's olive oil production, Italy 50%, while Spain is only 30%. The reason is that the quality of the tree species, and climate, latitude and other geographical conditions.

How to identify 

1, good olive oil has the following characteristics:
Olive oil traits and oil producing process is closely related to, and high quality olive oil by cold pressing method for preparing, and from low pressure to high pressure lane. Low first olive oil color is light yellow, is the most ideal salad oil and cooking oil.
View: oil body translucent, thick, yellow, blue and green, pale yellow, blue, black and blue until. The color depth of olive oil was high, and the quality was poor. And refined oil in the pigment and other nutrients are destroyed.
Wen: fruit flavor, different species have different fruit, division of oil product can even distinguish between 32 different olive fruit flavor, such as liquorice flavor, butter flavor, fruity, chocolate and so on.
Taste: taste and smooth, with a touch of bitterness, and spicy taste, the back of the throat has obvious sense, spicy feeling relatively lagging behind.
2, not good olive oil has the following characteristics:
Concept: oil mixing, lack of translucent luster, that place for a long time, oxidation. Light color, feeling very thin, not thick, that is refined oil or oil blending.
Smell: a stale smell, musty smell, mud smell, sour wine, metallic taste, rancid odor. A problem, or improper storage of raw materials for the production of olive fruit.
Taste: there is a smell, or simply do not have any flavor. That bad, or refined oil or oil blending.

Preserved olive oil 

If placed in a cool, dark place, the olive oil is stored in a cool, dry place (the best preservation temperature: 5 ~ 15), and the shelf life is usually 24 months. The preservation of olive oil should pay attention to four aspects:
1) to avoid glare, especially the sun's rays.
2) to avoid high temperature.
3) must be used to cover the cap, so as not to oxidation.
4) not add save general metal utensils. Otherwise, with the passage of time, olive oil will react with the metal, the impact of oil.

Health value

1, promote blood circulation
Olive oil can prevent arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis complications, hypertension, heart disease, heart failure, renal failure, cerebral hemorrhage. In the Artemis P simopoulos, "Ou MIGA health. Simple longevity project," a book mentioned in edible oil omega - 6 fatty acids will constrict the artery, thus forcing the heart overload, causing hypertension. And olive oil in the Omega 3 fatty acids can increase the amount of nitric oxide, which is a very important chemical material, you can relax your arteries, thereby preventing arterial damage caused by hypertension. In addition to form Omega 3 fatty acids can also prevent blood clots from two aspects. First, it can reduce the platelet viscosity, make platelet and fibrin not to wind together; secondly, Omega - 3 fatty acids can reduce the amount of fibrinogen, will greatly reduce the probability of thrombosis.
2, improve the digestive system function
Olive oil contains are higher than any other vegetable oil unsaturated fatty acids, rich in vitamins A, D, e, F, K, and carotenoids and other lipid soluble vitamin and antioxidant and so on a variety of ingredients, and contain no cholesterol, so human digestion and absorption rate is extremely high. It is to reduce gastric acid, preventing the occurrence of gastritis and ulcer disease, and other functions; and can stimulate the secretion of bile, the intensification of the trypsin activity, lipid degradation, absorbed by the intestinal mucosa, to reduce the occurrence of cholecystitis and gallstones. There Runchang function, long-term consumption can effectively relieve constipation.
3, protect the skin
Olive oil is rich in skin and excellent affinity of squalene and human essential fatty acids, rapid absorption, effectively maintain skin elasticity and moisture; in olive oil rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins E, K, A, D and phenolic antioxidants, can be absorbed by the skin, moisturize and nourish skin, make the skin luster and elasticity, promote blood circulation and skin The new supersedes the old., help to lose weight, reduce wrinkles, anti-aging can eliminate facial wrinkles, prevent skin aging, skin and hair care and prevention of hand foot chapped and other effects, can "eat" beauty skin care products, in addition to use olive oil on the skin to prevent skin against ultraviolet radiation cancer, excellent permeability, high content of vitamins and minerals, accelerate the treatment of skin damage and eczema, suitable for dry, aging skin. Olive oil to extract method gain fat, contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, edible (food grade olive oil) have a good effect on heart disease, the sun a relaxation function can be used for weight loss, aging and sunburn.
4, improve endocrine system function
Olive oil can improve the metabolic function of the organism. This is because olive oil contains more than 80% of the mono unsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids, DHA Omega - 3 fatty acids can increase insulin sensitivity, when the cell membrane unsaturated fatty acid content is high, has the double bond number more, the activity is stronger. And 6 double bonds of DHA is the most unsaturated fatty acids, so it is the most active cell membrane. The number of active cell membrane insulin receptors is more sensitive to insulin. When the human body to the appropriate proportion of fatty acids, the metabolism is more normal, and the incidence of obesity, diabetes will be reduced. The latest research results show that the body of the healthy person edible olive oil, glucose content in the body can be reduced by 12%. So the present olive oil has become the best edible oil to prevent and control diabetes.
5, the benefits of skeletal system
Olive oil of natural antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids are useful on the human body for mineral absorption such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc and other, can promote bone growth, also Omega 3 fatty acids help to maintain bone density, decrease caused by free radicals, highly reactive molecules) of osteoporosis.  
6, anti-cancer effect
Due to the number of linoleic acid olive oil containing rich single unsaturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids, the polyunsaturated omega fatty acids of - 3 fatty acids can reduce cancer extracted from the blood, so that cancer ring in addition to a much needed nutrients. Omega - 3 fatty acids can also and omega - 6 fatty acid for cancer in the metabolism enzyme, the cell membrane of cancer cells more unsaturated, easy to damage, can inhibit the growth of tumor cells, reduce the incidence rate of cancer. So that it can prevent some cancer (breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer): in addition, Omega 3 fatty acid (polyunsaturated fatty acid) can also increase the efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy is by free radicals, highly reactive molecules) the outbreak attack cell membrane to kill the cells. When the cell membrane was enough damage, cancer cells will have the effect of self destruction. The Omega 3 fatty acids to the cell membrane is more susceptible to free radical attack, thereby increasing the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Olive oil is the main component of olive acid, that researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago, olive acid, this substance can not only reduce the risk of cancer and even suffering from malignant tumor, but also improve the cure rate.
Olive acid can inhibit named "female nerve sheath 2 cancer gene activity, through the can cause breast cancer protein processing, was found suffering from breast cancer risk was reduced by 46%. For those who suffer from breast cancer, the olive oil is also able to prevent the deterioration of the disease - olive oil can improve the treatment effect of breast cancer treatment. If only a small amount of olive acid in the role, then cancer cells will gradually adapt to the olive acid environment, and continue to grow, but if the olive acid reached a sufficient amount of words, tumor cells will be killed.
7, anti radiation effect
Because olive oil contains polyphenols and lipopolysaccharide components, so there is the function of olive oil and radiation, so the olive oil is often used to make food for astronauts. Often use the computer for the health care of the skin care. Before using the computer for a long time, you can use olive oil to massage the face and eyes, you can also use the rich in olive oil bath to achieve the same effect. Note that because of the difference in the content of olive oil and bay oil, the radiation effects are also different.
8, making baby food
According to their composition and digestibility, olive oil is the most suitable for baby food oil. Baby half the calories from grease in the breast milk of, after weaning, heat required to obtained by dietary fat. Olive oil nutrients the human body can not be synthesized linolenic acid and linoleic acid ratio and breast milk are similar, and easy to absorb, can promote infant neural and skeletal growth and development, is excellent maternal nutrition and fetal growth agent. During the postpartum period and lactation is a good tonic.
9, anti aging
Among the various components of olive oil, carotene and chlorophyll give olive oil yellow green, while chlorophyll plays a role in metabolism, promote cell growth and accelerate wound healing. Also helps to beautify the appearance of people, reduce the production of wrinkles. Experimental results show that olive oil contains antioxidants can eliminate free radicals, and restore the health of human organs, can prevent brain aging, and can promote longevity.
10, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Olive oil, it can protect the cardiovascular system in many aspects, it is through the lower homocysteine (a can of amino acids in the vessel wall of the coronary artery injury) to prevent the occurrence of inflammation and reduce the damage on the walls of the arteries. By increasing the content of nitric oxide in the blood, and lowering blood pressure. The single unsaturated fatty acids in olive oil can reduce the oxidation of LDA cholesterol. Contained in olive oil called squalene substances, can increase the content of HDL (good cholesterol), reduce the content of LDL (bad cholesterol), and the number of HDL cholesterol in human body, the more the number of the arteries in the oxidation of LDL cholesterol less. Latest research shows. Middle aged men take the olive oil, the average cholesterol dropped by 13%, which has a dangerous "bad" cholesterol has dropped by 21%. The olive oil can reduce blood clot formation speed by increasing the body of Omega 3 fatty acid content.
11, olive oil and blood pressure
Hypertension refers to arterial hypertension. When the human blood pressure readings continue to remain in the 140/90 mm Hg above, is the high blood pressure. Hypertension is one of the main risk factors in the development of atherosclerosis. It is a major health problem with high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and diabetes, and is known as the developed countries. Like other risk factors, life style has a direct impact on hypertension. 1/4 of adults have high blood pressure. Because of its arterial supply to the human body, especially to the heart, kidneys, brain and blood supply to the eye, the high blood pressure increases the risk of premature death. It is not particularly determined that what components of the Mediterranean diet have a role in lowering blood pressure. However, there is evidence that the addition of olive oil in the diet does not alter any other form of the effect of lowering blood pressure. Regular consumption of olive oil can reduce heart systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Recent evidence suggests that the daily dose of antihypertensive drugs to be taken when eating olive oil can be reduced. This may be due to a decrease in the nitrate caused by polyphenols.

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